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Ilam Tour - 3 Days

Illam is an extremely popular tourist destination among internal still as the foreign tourist for having face to face expertise with natural beauty biological diversity and ancient tradition. Illam is one of the foremost developed places in Nepal.  It’s one of the far eastern districts of the country that is inhabited by people of various culture, Nature living together peacefully. The Illam is located on the foothills of Mount Kanchenjunga. Aama Trek and Tour provide you with 3 days 2 nights package of Illam tour.

During Illam tour, you’ll view amazing scenery of huge tea farming and lots of attractions of eastern Nepal in Illam district. Illam tour attracts several researchers who come to review rare birds and also the red panda.

During the tour, you can visit religious places of Illam where then the temple of Devi is most famous among all.

What can you see during Illam tour?

During 3 day 2-night Illam tour, we will take you to different places where you can view the beautiful scenario of the tea plantation areas. Not only the tea plantation area, you can also go to the cheese factory which is largest cheese factory in Nepal. Illam alone has sold the cheese produced from cow’s milk in a big scale in the national and international market although the yak milk is famous among the foreigners. Additionally, we will take you to Kanyam where you can view large tea land and tea plantation areas. This place is famous for hangout spot with family and friends for sightseeing, picnicking and photography. If you don’t want to walk then you can ride the horse around Kanyam and get a beautiful view.

Best time to trek

The best time to take a tour in Illam is between October – December or from April – February. However, the subtropical climate of Illam ensures good weather throughout the year.

If you have more time and want to travel more. Aama travel and tour provide you 5 days 4 nights tour where you can travel around Illam for 3 days and Darjeeling for one day.


Day 1 Kathmandu to Ilam.

Day 2 Kanyam.

Day 3 Ilam to Kathmandu.


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