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Company Profile

Adventure All Mountain Area Trek & Expedition, carrying world-class experience in all aspects of travel inside the tourism scenes of Nepal, delivers outstanding journey to the travellers. Our passion to provide an adventurous journey to all our travellers is what brought us this level of achievement today. We have the mission to overcome all the obstacles that come in our way to the final destination which rewards us at the end with the breathtaking scenery and makes all the hard work worth. Over the years, we’ve been building bridges between the fear and passion and developing faith to prove that every beautiful place in the world is reachable. We fulfil the dream to discover the fascinating places and be there in real life which people only dream about.

Why Us?

Passionate Team

Our entire group is energetic and enthusiastic about their work. Our aides are very much prepared experts with enough information about places, culture and history and are notable for their cordial, mindful and bright conduct. They understand the main aim behind the travel and help make it the best way possible.

We care about your safety

We can guarantee you the most secure visit conceivable on the grounds that with us you are in the hands of specialists. Our agendas are outlined such that your excursion is without bother and you get enough time for acclimatization. Our aides are all around prepared for medical aid benefits and are constantly prepared for the emergency treatment packs. From sterile rooms to quality and sound sustenances, we offer you the best services and care for your safety.

Various packages

We have an assortment of visit bundles that empower you to encounter an extensive variety of enterprises. We offer a broad scope of enterprise exercises like trekking and expeditions. We continually work after making new bundles according to rising needs of customers and are in the know regarding the recently investigated courses.

Responsibility and Ethics

Adventure All Mountain Area Trek & Expedition Team has faith in dependable tourism. We hone and advance economic and moral tourism wherever we go. We deal with our sensitive association with nature and neighbourhood group individuals and work for its assurance and advancement.

Quality Service with affordable price

We understand travellers’ needs and expectations. Our main priority is travellers’ satisfaction. We aim at providing best services to our travellers with the prices they demand. We take care of all your needs and provide the exceptional quality with a price that you can easily pay.